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About Us

VMM started out as an idea, a dream in which we sought out to make a reality. Before doing so we made sure to note the missing components found in our country. Working as a captain for some time and director of VMM, Edwin Vella understood what was wanted and what was missing in this industry. This definite vantage has helped us create a new, modern and ambitious all round agency with the widest possible services on the island. With contacts around the Med and continuous effort for more, we are creating a network to further offer the best possible service to our clients.

Although a young company we are motivated and driven into providing that which many do not. We aim to please and to satisfy all the requirements a yacht may have. We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of dealing with each client as an individual with his/her own needs. We appreciate and put value in the after sales service, a vital aspect in our work which may be overseen and assumed trivial by some.

We not only know, but also understand what you require. So here we are, asking you to trust us, believe in our enthusiasm and our endeavour to please and give you that something extra. Thank you for taking the time considering our services and we look forward to hearing from you.

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